I spend most of my working hour writing code for Eduboard working on a project called askEddi. When I’m not working on that I’m working on my own Projects.

Minimal Calculator | Simple Minimal Calculator

I was bored one night so i got a picture of a calculator and make it with HTML, SASS & JS.

Tools Used: HTML, CSS grid, FlexBox, Javascript

Online Journal | Online paper Journal

I got into journaling a little and I just wanted an online simple journal app where once you have writen your entry you cannot edit it. Just as if you had written it on paper. So you get to write each day and you can only ever add to that day later and they get saved as writen at a later date.

Tools used: Angular 9, Firebase, Firestore

PlayPyst | Online Drinking Game

This is an web app drinking game. I built this after my friend came up with the idea and i built on the idea and make it into this web app. This is still a WIP. But the basic premise of the game is that you have a minimum of 3 players and each player chooses 3 songs each and then they get added to a play list and we shuffle the playlist and ever guess who’s song it is and then if you get it wrong you drink and if you get guessed you have to drink too.

Tools Used: Angular 9, Typescript, Firebase, Firestore

AskEddi | School Improvement Platform Education Data Analytics Software

This is an web application for teachers eliminating data “bottlenecks”, speeds up data analysis and empowers teachers to deliver targeted and effective interventions, with data insight products that work seamlessly together.

Tools Used: Angular 8, Node.js, TypeScript, MongoDB, Azure, Azure Actice Directory, SSO

FootBall Ticket Pad | FootBall Ticket Resale

I was tasked with making a HTML mark up responsive. I was given the website and the mobile designs and making the website conform to the designs specs given.

Tools Used: Node.js, Sass, Gulp, PHP

SCRATK Youtube | Tutorials, Speed Arts, Designs

This is my old youtube channel where i used to upload video tutorials and speed arts.

Tools Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro